Commenting on ALbums VS Photos

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    August 25, 2018 4:39 PM EDT

    Hey all

    Something that I have been trying to wrap my over-coffee'd brain around for awhile now so thought I would ask the community.

    On our site we are very user content driven and photo sharing is brisk. We run SES' Advanced Photos (great plugin) and members often load multiple photos at a time. What we are running into is an issue with the way comments are handled and as far as I can see the logic stems from the core SE.

    Right now when a member loads photos they are applied to an album - wall photos, a user specified album etc. Now when another member sees these shares in their newsfeed and feels the need to comment when they do so their comment is applied to the entire album and subsequently gets lost due to not relating to a specific photo. Our members right now have to go digging for comments to see what and who said what and then try to deduce what the comment should be applied to.

    I have tried different settings and the closest I can come is turning commenting off (which is not an option)

    To me a better logic would be to have commenting applied to specific photos only and not have the ability to comment on overall albums (or be able to do so as well as commenting on specific shares via admin control)

    I kinda feel I am just missing something in settings or that something is missing as I can not see why it would have been designed this way... but nonetheless it is something that I have reached out to SES to come up with a solution for.

    Does anyone else come up against this? Are your members asking for a fix like mine are?

    We have some members who share hundreds of amazing photos a month and you can imagine how much of a pain in the butt it is when they can not figure out what comment applies to what... Also once another member shows appreciation for a share via a like they can no longer like future shares to that album as it has already been applied via the original like...

    Convoluted! (my explenation as well as the logic in the way comments are handled)

    In comparing what FB does to what SE is able to do today its close but not quite there me thinks.

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    August 25, 2018 9:31 PM EDT

    Not sure if that's SE or the Plugin, but when I comment (just tested a moment ago) on a photo in my SEAO Adv Wall/Feed it appears with the photo not album (using SEAO Adv Photo Albums which requires SE Photo Albums). 



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    August 25, 2018 9:37 PM EDT

    Hmmm interesting - thanks for that! I am going to go test their demo and take a peek

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    August 25, 2018 9:42 PM EDT

    BTW - I'm still on 4.09.04p*

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    August 25, 2018 9:44 PM EDT

    When you tested was it on a group of photos that were in an album or on a single photo that was showing in the newsfeed

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    August 25, 2018 10:29 PM EDT

    Single photo.  I just attempted on my tablet to upload multiple but don't see the option for that so I can't test  I believe I can do from my laptop (but can't try right now).


    Are you able to select a single photo (that possibly then opens a window to comment on it)?


    I guess there's at least 4 possible options for commenting in this scenario:

    1. photo (which may work if the photo can be selected, because a comment attached to a photo randomly seems not the way to go)

    2. album (which it's doing)

    3. no comment allowed (do as to not risk the comment assoc with the wrong content)

    4. an instructional msg on what to do


    I don't use fb so what does it do when 10 photos were uploaded together into an album with say 100 already, and someone creates a comment - what is this comment attached to?



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    August 27, 2018 8:12 AM EDT

    I've tested this. It appears logical in the default script. Here's what happens:


    1. User Mary clicks in the status and posts, "Check out these new photos" and then selects 6 photos to load with this post.

    2. The feed shows the post with the 6 photos attached.

    3. The script puts these photos in an album named "Wall Photos" where all photos added to the wall posts are found.

    4. User Bob sees the photos in the feed and clicks on "comment" and says, "Hey these are cool" . As this is a comment on a feed item, it shows in the feed item itself. It doesn't even show on the "Wall Photos" album as it's not supposed to show. 

    5. User Bob clicks one of the photos and goes directly to it and comments. This comment shows on the photo.

    Next, Mary makes an album - Cats. In that, she loads several images of cats. 

    1. This album shows in the feed with a preview of x amount of photos that are in it.

    2. Bob comments in the feed which goes to the album as that's what is actually being seen.

    3. Bob clicks a photo to comment and it opens where he comments directly on the photo.

    To me, the above is logical as you are seeing the Album in the feed with a preview of some of the photos, and not the individual photos. As such, the comment is on the album itself in regards to a normal album because the photos are a group of photos inside an item. Wall photos are different as that's a "wall" grouping and so the comment stays on the "wall" . 

    Hope that 'splains it.

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    August 27, 2018 11:09 AM EDT

    My head is swimming on this so please bare with me...

    #4 is where my issue lies (I think) as the comment lands on the album (in my case). 

    What I am seeing is that when a group or single photo shows in my newsfeed and someone comments on it the comment is applied to the album and does not stay in just the feed. Same goes for an interaction - if someone likes a group of photos shown in the newsfeed it is applied to the entire album... so if another group of photos are uploaded to that some album at a later date they are unable to show appreciation as the original like has already been applied to that album.

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    August 27, 2018 11:23 AM EDT

    Regarding Likes, that makes sense as we can't pile up likes. Each item belongs to the original item it goes to in regards to photos. They are inside an album. So things belong to that album unless someone opens up the item itself and comments directly on it. I don't see a good way to separate this unless we make each photo post to the feed by itself without being attached to an album they are added to, but that sounds not so good.