David said:

One more question: can the database be installed on a different separate server?

I would assume so since the config file for the database has a database path.

The error shows that it cannot connect to your database. Check the database user, password and database name.


Make a database/full backup first as you are editing the database!


When you are in you cpanel, start phpmyadmin like you did.

On the left you will see your database, click db to open this one up. Select 3 from the drop down

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This has been posted in the community before with a fix. It is a database edit. You should try a search for the issue and if you are comfortable working in the database, you can do that query. If you are not comfortable working in the database, you can

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This issue only happens when I update the activity feed to 4.10 and when it updates my database. If the database is untouched it works...