Socialengine Backup and restore database plugin

Your SocialEngine community isn’t really safe unless you have a solid backup plan. The Backup plugin is absolutely essential for all SocialEngine sites. Unfortunately, many things could go wrong from hackers, server crashes, accidentally deleted fil...


So for example, if you have 10 tabs each with 10 items in it, then obviously http requests and database access is required at some point for the Content in the Tabs.  That's a lot of http requests and database access just for one page load (besides

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Which of these two is my database?

Which of these two is my database? Both have the same categories within the contents.  See screenshot:



Modify the database



I am changing the url of my site by, so I think I should modify all the data corresponding to the word netyzz in my database.

I would like to know if there is any solution to modify this fastly.


And if not, or if it's too

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Possible to add a column in database?

Is it possible to add a column in the database?  I need the people's email to display in this particular table:


Friends in the database

I'm just getting started with Social Engine (looking great so far), I'm migrating data from my existing community and have inserted the members into the SE database.
Now I need to recreate the friendships that already exist but so far can't find which

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