Where else are user permissions at that set what people can and can not see? Is this something that is in the database?

No but it would be a good feature. To rearrange them, you would need to go in the database.

Export database csv perhaps? Just the user table.

this is not database but file edits? 

database export of email addresses

Hey All - LONG time no post! There was a plugin that allowed you to download a csv of all the emails used by members to signup to a site - does anyone know if this still exists or an easy way to do this? This is for V4 btw

Change Password and database after installation

Good day..

I keep trying to change the password settings page after installation.

(Password change for the database and server specified)

How to get the code of facebook-enabling user into database?

Hi All,

Actually I am using Facebook login and email verification both and I want to remove email verification if a user choose to login by facebook login.

I didn't find that functionality so I just want to disable the email on facebook verification and

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I guess you would need to change it via database query then.