Installing Security Patch 6.4.8

  • This guide is for SocialEngine PHP security release patch 6.4.8 and includes a link to the patch file. You'll need to log into the client portal in order for the patch to automatically download. This patch won't be needed for version 6.5 and up as it is incorporated in that release (which is not ready for release yet).

    Backup your installation first

    Before performing a patch install, make a backup of your SocialEngine files and database. Most hosting providers include a backup utility with their control panel software. If you are not sure how to make a backup of your SocialEngine database and files, please contact your hosting provider and have them assist you with this. Alternately, refer to our Making and Restoring Backups article for assistance.

    TIP: This patch contains only two files that are replaced. Before applying it, you can download a copy of each file from your server in case you experience issues. That would be much better than doing a complete site restore. 

    Follow the below steps to apply this patch.

    1. Download Security Patch 6.4.8 and unzip it.
    2. Upload the files to your server, overwriting the files. This should be uploaded to the location on your server where SocialEngine is installed (in most cases, this is the public_html, httpdocs or other main folder).
    3. Clear your site cache.

    Alternate method:

    If you have issues with the above, you can manually upload each file to your server rather than uploading the folders. 

    Above, you see "Element.php" and "Admin.php" which are the patch files in two different folders.

    Either log into your server file manager or use ftp to navigate to your SocialEngine folders and follow the same paths:



    First, rename the two files that are on the server (this can be your backup file in case it doesn't work). I rename it something like Elementbu.php and Adminbu.php.

    Now, upload the patch Element.php file to the server in application/libraries/zend/form.

    Upload the patch Admin.php file to the server in


    How to get Help:

    If you aren't sure about applying the patch, we recommend that you get help from your favorite third party expert. If you don't have a third party expert you normally work with, SocialNetworking.Solutions can apply the patch.