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Basic Email Troubleshooting

  • There are a few common reasons why emails might not be reaching your recipients. Make sure you've checked for these basic issues before looking for other potential problems with email

    SocialEngine doesn't send out emails instantly by default

    SocialEngine 4 has an email queuing system.  As such, most emails are not sent out immediately. By default, SocialEngine will send 25 emails every 60 seconds, however, this depends on your website's activity. If you have a large volume of emails to send, there will be a delay.

    If you would like SocialEngine not to queue emails, access your Admin panel and navigate to Settings > Email Settings. 

    Locate the option labeled “Email queue” and set its value to "No, always send emails immediately."

    Please note, this will not affect messages that are still in the mail queue; they will continue be sent out over time.

    Your site's emails may be treated as spam

    Your members may not be receiving messages due to spam filters on the recipient email server. This a very common problem with website applications when emails are being sent to Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts. If you have a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account, you can examine this by checking your spam, junk, or trash folders. If you see messages from your website in one of these folders, you may be able to resolve this problem by creating an SPF record (https://www.openspf.org) for your domain. For assistance with setting up an SPF record for your domain, please contact your hosting provider's support staff.

    Use a Transactional Mail Service for Better Delivery

    Server mail can be quite unreliable and cause your members not to get their messages. ISPs can filter “unknown” IP addresses, your server could be blacklisted due to spam complaints, or messages can end up in the member’s spam folder just to name a few. It’s become quite popular for many webmasters, from large to small websites, to use transactional mail services these days. 

    There are several companies offering transactional mail service. Many of them offer tiered pricing starting at free to minimal costs, up to higher costs for enterprise use. We suggest you check with these services in order to avoid mail issues. Some such companies are Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Amazon and Mandrill/Mailchimp. Each one will show you how to set up SPF and DKIM records as well.

    Once you set up a transactional mail service, you can set the SMTP settings in your Admin Panel.