• The Manage Members page of your admin panel allows you to edit, delete, approve, and promote your SocialEngine users. To get to the Manage Members page, navigate to Manage > Members.

    As you can see from the screenshot below, the Manage Members page is comprised of a list of all of the members of your social network. The search filter at the top of the page allows you to find specific members by searching for their display name, username, and/or email. You can also choose to display members of a certain level or by whether they have been approved or not. To filter your member list, enter or select the valid information you would like to see and then click on the "search" button.

    Clicking on the table heading links (such as "ID", "Display Name", etc) will sort the users by that column.

    Clicking on the user's display name or username will open the user's profile in a new window while clicking on their email address will open your email client so you can send them an email. The user's member level is linked to the general Member Level settings page. Use the checkboxes down the left side of the list to mass- approve or delete users.


    With regular users, you have 5 options: "stats," "edit," "delete,"  "login," and "resend." Super admins will only have "stats", "edit", and "delete" - the "login" and "resend" options won't be available. Keep in mind that your system must have at least one super admin at all times, so if there is only one, you will not be able to delete that user. Also, "resend" will only be shown if email verification is enabled and the new sign up hasn't yet verified their email.


    The "stats" link will open a popup containing stats about the user. The "Member Type" row corresponds to the profile type the member chose when signing up. For more information about member types, refer to the Profile Questions documentation. The other rows are self-explanatory.


    From this pop-up, you can edit the user's email address, username, password, member level, and network. If you don't want to change the user's password, leave the password fields blank. Additionally, you can set the user to “enabled/disabled”, “verified/unverified”, or “approved/not approved." You can also disable site emails from being sent. This will also show whether the user has enabled the "Do not sell my personal information."

    Approved - if the administration approval feature on the Signup Process page has been selected, then this field is for the administrator to mark the member as approved. Checking the box next to this member's name and clicking the "Approve Selected" button will also automatically mark this box checked.

    Verified - if the email verification feature on the Signup Process page has been selected, then this field will be automatically checked if the member has clicked on the verification link or visited the link that was sent to their email.

    Enabled - if an account has been marked “enabled”, the account will be active and the user will be able to access the site. If the account is “disabled” due to waiting for a payment, verification, or administrator approval, then the user will be unable to access the site.

    Do Not Sell My Personal Information - If checked, the user has opted out of their personal information being sold. This is per the California Consumer Privacy Act and various international privacy policies.

    Disable all site emails - If checked, this will disable all site emails to this user except the password reset. 


    This link allows you to delete a member. Be cautious with this feature as there is no way to restore a deleted member except with a full site backup restore.


    Clicking this link will allow you to log in as the user. This is useful for moderation purposes. For example, if a user has entered something offensive as an answer to one of the profile questions, you can log in as that user and edit their profile to remove the offensive portion.


    This option allows you to resend a verification email in case someone hasn't gotten it.

    Approving Multiple Members

    To approve one or multiple users, check the boxes next to their names and then click on the "Approve Selected" button.

    NOTE: The "Approve Selected" button will only check the "approved" box in the edit member settings popup. For more information about the edit member settings, please see the above. In order for a member to have a "Yes" in the “Approved” column, the member must have all three fields: “enabled”, “verified”, and “approved” checked in their edit settings. If any one of these fields have not been checked, the account will have a "No" under the “Approved” column.

    Deleting Multiple Members

    To delete one or multiple users, check the boxes next to their names and then click on the "Delete Selected" button. Note that the Super Admin user cannot be deleted.

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