Manage Verification

  • User Profile Verification is very popular these days. Almost every social network is providing their users to verify their account and earn a badge to be displayed along their names. This verification also helps in bringing trust on the social network and respective user profile.

    This verification feature also provides you an opportunity to charge users to get their profiles verified. This charge can be One Time or Recurring.

    You can Manage Verification by navigating to Manage > Manage Verifications in your Admin panel:

    Verification Settings

    In the User Verification Settings, you can customize user verification on your website. Additionally, you can choose a verified icon image to display alongside the names of verified users on your site.

    These settings are applied individually to different member levels. Start by selecting the member level you wish to modify, and then adjust the settings for that level below.

    Note: You can also manually adjust the verification status of specific users by editing them in the 'Manage Member' section.

    You can approve or reject payments made via Bank, Cash or Cheque from the Transactions section.

    1. Start by choosing the member level for which you want to configure verification settings.

    2. Choose and upload verification badge that will be displayed alongside verified users of the selected member level on your site.

    3. Allowing User Verification

    You can choose to enable user verification on your site via 3 methods:

    1. Auto Verification
    2. Verification upon Users Requests
    3. Verification based on payment basis

    * Users can manage their verification settings in Settings >> Verification section. 


    Manage Verification Requests

    From this section, you can manage user verification requests submitted by members on your site. If you need to search for a specific member, enter your search criteria in the fields provided in this section.

    Note: You will receive verification requests only if you have enabled users to request verification for at least one member level on your site.