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Installing and Managing Mobile Apps

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android are very popular with members who are on the go. These days, a very high percent of members access websites on mobile devices. Follow these steps to install, activate and configure the mobile app plugins.

    Step-by-step guides

    You'll need to be logged into your Admin Panel.

    Installing the Apps

    1. Navigate to Manage > Packages & Plugins.

    2. Click "Install New Packages."
    3. Click "Add Packages."
    4. Select the .tar file you downloaded.
    5. Click "Continue" to proceed with installing.
    6. Click "Continue" on the next page.
    7. Enter FTP info or select "None" to continue uploading the package.
    8. Click "Continue"
    9. Click "Continue" if no errors are seen or fix any issues shown such as permissions.
    10. Click "Finalize Installation" (bet you thought it would be "Continue (wink) ) and the installation will nearly be done.
    11. You can either click to go to the dashboard or back to the package manager. 
    12. After installing, navigate to each mobile app plugin and activate. These will be found in the Plugins menu.
    13. Each app has an activation button in order to enable the apps. This only needs to be done on initial install for each mobile app plugin. Please activate the SES - REST API first.
    14. In order to finish setting up the mobile apps, please contact SocialNetworking.Solutions and their team will finish the app process with you. There is no charge for this service for one build. If you need more than one build, or upgrades, please get pricing from them. 

    Getting Help with the Mobile Apps

    The apps come with a "Help" button which will take you to a page with info on frequently asked questions regarding these mobile apps. As these are provided and supported by SocialNetworking.Solutions, the links will take you to their documentation and help areas. Please note that SocialEngine does not provide support for these free mobile apps.


    Remember to clear your cache!